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PM223 Application Instructions

  1. PM 223 is a flowable powder which is applied just like other powdered potato seed treat products.
  2. Fill your auger or barrel seed treater with PM223 and apply it as you normally apply other seed treat products.
  3. Application Rate: You should use @ 0.4lbs. per cwt of seed. The screws on the auger treater of barrel treater may need to be tightened down (or in some instances loosened) to get the correct flow/application rate. We have found that it is difficult to get a full half-pound on one cwt. If you find that you are using that amount, you will probably be spilling some onto the floor.
  4. The treated seed should have a good visible coating of the product on the cut surface of the seed. A good coating is sufficient. Having extra product on the cut surface does not help.
  5. Although PM223 is not toxic, it is a fine powder, and appropriate breathing equipment should be used to protect those working with the PM223 from inhaling it.

For additional information please contact:

»  Bob Cyr — bcyr.lir@gmail.com, 770-715-3886


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