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PM223 Product Description

1. What is PM223?

  • PM223 is a dry flowable powder designed for use in conventional potato seed treatment applications.
  • It contains a patented polymer film coating made from corn protein that rapidly suberizes and dries the cut surface of the seed.
  • The spreading agent in PM223 is fir bark, and the product works in all convention dusting equipment.


2. What does PM223 do?

  • PM223 instantly seals up the cut surface , and the nicks and dings on potato seed, allowing farmers to "cut and plant" seed in regions where it has not been done before, thereby saving them the costs of putting treated seed down before planting.
  • PM223"s is the only product sold that prevents seed piece rot in wet planting conditions. The film PM223 forms acts as highly effective barrier to water penetration. It works in both cold and warm climates and greatly reduces the need for replanting.
  • PM223 can be used as a drying/ suberizing agent in combination with liquid products.
  • PM223 promotes early and uniform emergence, plant stand and health by maintaining seed piece integrity.


3. What are the benefits of using PM223?

  • Prevents seed decay and rot.
  • Promotes plant vigor and stand by maintaining seed piece integrity.
  • Affords substantial savings by allowing "cut and plant" techniques to be used in wet climates.
  • Provides substantial cost savings to farmers.


For additional information about the benefits of PM223 please contact:

» Bob Cyr —  bcyr.lir@gmail.com, 770-715-3886


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